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Vote April 5

As a young Kansan, I felt compelled to mention briefly how important voting is. College students generally vote in rather low numbers, which is unfortunate. And there is one very important issue on every ballot in Kansas that you should definitely voice your opinion on (more on that below).

You must be registered already to vote April 5 (voter registration deadline for this election has passed, though, of course, you may still register for all future elections!). You must vote where you are registered.

If you are away from home at College right now, request an absentee ballot right away by filling out this form: http://www.kssos.org/forms/elections/AV1.pdf You must complete and fax this form into your local County election officer by this Friday, April 1 at the absolute latest!!!

All the info on where to fax the form is online at: http://www.kssos.org/elections/elections_registration_ceo.asp

Finally, I have thoroughly researched all issues and candidates on the ballot and STRONGLY believe we need to all vote a big NO on the proposed marriage amendment. The consequences of this amendment are severe and NOT WHAT YOU WOULD THINK.

This is NOT a religious or Republican/Democrat issue.

The proposed amendment to the Kansas Constitution will have ABSOLUTELY NO effect on same-sex marriage (which is already completely illegal in Kansas). Instead, the amendment is about employment benefits, and it will affect many more heterosexual than gay couples.

Section B of the proposed amendment states that “no relationship, other than a marriage, shall be recognized by the state as entitling the parties to the rights or incidents of marriage.” Many employers will see this as state sanction for denying benefits to unmarried partners of their employees, whether heterosexual or homosexual.
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