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Just me

Craigslist is amazing

So I recently moved to Lawrence after having lived in DC and Atlanta. While in DC, I used craigslist A LOT (to sell furniture, find a roommate, etc.).

When I moved to Lawrence, I used craigslist to find my wonderful roommate and the most beautiful house in the world in which i currently live.

Now, I am looking for a used car on craigslist (I want a Honda Civic or Toyota Corolla or similar foreign car with anywhere from 40-75,000 miles on it and don't want to go through a dealer if anyone knows anyone who is selling a car).

I just want to spread the word about craigslist. Not nearly enough people in Lawrence are using it.

Craigslist.com is a totally FREE, 100% advertisement FREE website where ANYONE can post a "classified" type ad. You can use craigslist to do anything from find a roommate (I also looked at other websites when I was looking for a roommate in Lawrence and they charge ABSURD fees--$24.95 just to find a lawrence roomie?!?! no thanks!) to sell your car to get a date.

Just go to craigslist.com and go to KANSAS CITY!!!!!!

You will not be disappointed. and spread the word, too. People are paying outrageous prices for classified ads (and for dumb websites like roommateclick.com) when they can do all this stuff for FREE at craigslist. and the more people who use craigslist, the better it will be!!!!
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